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Rani Gilat

‏”In my work I look for pureness and simplicity of the shape, 
I work mainly with the “King” of clay, Porcelain. 
The Whiteness, translucent and strength of the Porcelain fascinates 
and attracts me to work with this medium.
‏My work is fired in a reduction atmosphere at 1280°C. .The Porcelain in not a forgiven; it draws me to perfection 
with a great challenge of creating a shape that feels
 right for it and myself.”

About Rani Gilat

About Rani Gilat:

  • ‏A graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem, Israel.(BFA)
  • ‏Masters of Arts, Tel Aviv University, Israel. (MA)
  • ‏Chairman of the board of the Israeli Ceramics Association (2012-2014).
  • ‏Specializes in special ceramics firing and mastering in porcelain work.
  • ‏Currently teaches at the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center.  Additionally, teaches beginners and professional wheel throwing at his private studio.
  • ‏The founder and mentor of “The Gilat Project: Ceramics Art Through Emotions”, which work to raise awareness for the HIV positive community in Israel.
  • ‏A partner of a ceramic art gallery: “Shlush Shloshim”, Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • ‏A member of AIDA – ‘Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts.

Contact Information

Web Site – www.ranigilat.com

E-Mail – ranigilat@gmail.com

Face Book – https://www.facebook.com/ranigilatceramics?ref=bookmarks

Tel – (+972) 052-8891908

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